Classes by Presenter

Lee Andrews

Birthday Parties & Other Events Made Easier T 3:45
Okay, Kid, Here’s Your Balloon! – Now What? W 3:45
Marketing Yourself Professionally Th 3:30
Throwing Up Gracefully (Juggling) F 8:30

Fred Baisch

Magic Tricks For Every Clown’s Pockets T 10:00
Rope Tricks Even You Can Do! (Magic) W 2:30
Do that Magic Trick Again (Only Different) Th 8:30

Joe Barney

Reinvent Yourself for the 21 st Century T1:00
(Thu-Sat only) Skits & Props F11:00
Hospital Clowning S4:00

Paula Biggio

Fancy Face Painting in a Flash T 1:15
Face Painting for Fun and Profit Th 11:00
Scrapbooking Your Clown History (an Intro How-To) F 4:45

Julia Bothun

Makeup Class (with Tricia) T 11:15
Clowning with an Instrument (Music) W 5:00
Comic Movement Th 2:15
Magic of Meet and Greet S 2:30

Gene Cordova

How Puppets Took Over the World (& Your Act!) T 3:45
Combining Magic and Puppets W 5:00

Bob & Teresa Gretton

First Timer’s Meeting W 8:30
Skits, Bits & Gags W 1:15
Napkin Roses: The Art of Soft Assistance S 1:15

Dave Hill

Strolling Entertainer T 2:30
Fun & Games with Balloons W 1:15
World’s Easiest Magic Tricks F 8:30

Christopher Hudert

Physical Comedy and Funny Business Th 11:00
Staging and Rehearsing Your Skit F 4:45
Pack Small, Play BIG – 60 min. in a Backpack S 1:15

Jessee Joyner

Up, Up and Away: Juggling T 11:15

Jessica King

The Magic of Christmas (& other Holiday Performing) W 2:30

Sara Kruetz

Bubbles in Your Act T 3:45

Dan Langwell

Table Hopping & Roving Performing Th 9:45
Easy But Impressive 2 and 3 Balloon Items F 9:45
Making Balloons Entertaining S 2:30

Ryan Lavallee

Cute Stuff with Balloons T 1:15

Leon McBryde

Perform as Santa, Mrs. Claus & Elves! (2 hr class) T 10:00
On the Porch with Leon (Chat) Th 9:45

Tricia Manuel aka Priscilla Mooseburger

Makeup Class (with Julia Both) T 11:15
Clown Costumes That Work T 1:15
My Skit SUCKS – How Do I Fix It? W 3:45
Character Development Made Easy F 11:00

Kelly Monfort

Birthday Parties From Phone Call to Thank You F 4:45
Simple Balloons with a WOW! S 4:00

Georgia Morris

How to Run a Clown Class S 2:30

Ashley Pickins

Embrace the Face T 2:30

Dennis Porter

Interactive Storytelling Th 2:15
Clown Brain Training (Improv for Clowns) Th 3:30
Stage Shows and Emceeing S 9:45

Nicole Portwood

Clown Workshops for Kids T 10:00

Karan Robbins

Intermediate Wearable Balloons W 8:30
I Can Make a Balloon Dog. Now What? S 1:15

Mary Anne Ross

Business of Clowning F 9:45

Trudi Sang

Bible Storytelling W 1:15
Developing a Story & Working with Helpers S 9:45

Chuck Shields

Magic Tricks You Can Master in an Hour W 3:45
Sounds Good! – Sound & Music Made Easy W 5:00

Bubba Sikes

Healing Power of Laughter, Hospital Clowning T 2:30
Come on Clowns – Let’s be Funny Th 8:30

Julie Varholdt

How to Entertain as an Assembly Line W 2:30
How to Make Something From Nothing Th 1:00
Release Your Inner Clown